Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Fashion Look 3 - Neo Geo

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this up here. The first two weeks of college kinda monopolized my time. This post probably will not be as long or as well laid out due to the fact that I have no time and there was just not as much material that I could find for this article. But here goes...

Neo Geo Clothing
At this point many of you are probably thinking, "What in the world is that?" So I have come up with my own little definition of Neo Geo: Neon colors and geometric shapes and patterns (Aztec patterns, futuristic patterns and shapes, color-blocking, bold, bright and going for the wow factor.)
This is kinda the antithesis of the Minimalist look which I introduced in Fall Fashion Look 1. describes the look this way:
"These graphic prints set in bright neon colors are reminiscent of the 'Fresh Prince' era and are sure to illicit awed and envious glances.... This versatile look can also go from beach to red carpet by merely layering a subdued cover-up jacket on top." and,
"This season, designers are taking on the look in a number of ways, with many taking the term 'geometry' quite literally and working wonders with basic elementary school shapes."

Teen Vogues suggests wearing the look this way:
"Take a basic sweatshirt light-years ahead with futuristic graphics and electric sneaks... a boxy shirt cuts a chic shape with a waist-cinching belt."

Two designers who have brought this look back in from the '80s and '90s are Balenciaga and Missoni, I am including a sampling of looks from their collections below:
Balenciaga Fall 2010 Above and below

Missoni Fall Resort 2010 Collection Below:
Accessories for the season follow in line with the neon geometric prints and shapes and the futuristic looks:
These shoes are from the Balenciaga Fall 2010 collection.
Below are shoes from various other designer collections.

Top left: Shoe from Missoni Fall Resort 2010
Top right: Shoe from FairyIrobin Fall 2010
Bottom left: Shoe from MARC by Marc Jacobs Fall 2010

And other Neo Geo Designer Accessories:
The futuristic watch on the left is by DUMB Brand and is $60, the purse above is by Bottega Veneta's Fall 2010 line.

To conclude this article I will display some looks that range in price from relatively expensive, to moderate, to affordable.
Two dresses by Tina Turk. Prices are $278 and $248 respectively.

Tank by T-BAGS, price $136; skirt by People's Market, price $140

Tank by Mint, price $72; top by Ella Moss, price $53; both pieces found on


Complete look found at H&M
Necklace: $9.95
Hoodie: $19.95
Belt: $7.95
Dress: $24.95
Sandals $24.95
Tights: $9.95

Both items above can be found at Forever 21. Both are $15.80. The smock dress should be paired with bright tights or a bright colored cardigan to fully pull of the look.
Both tops can be found at Charlotte Russe. Left: $18, Right: $16. Personally, I would layer the two tops.
And last but not least, reports, "For recessionistas, 1980's vintage store finds are a great way to cop the look on the cheap."
Honestly, though this look may not be for most people, I really like it because I love bold colors and shapes. Hope you enjoyed. :)