Saturday, May 29, 2010

I would have listened.

Did you think of how we'd feel?
Did you think we wouldn't care?
We cared how you felt,
But you felt you couldn't tell.

I would have listened.

The EMT's did all they could,
But too far gone,
You passed on.
Will you forgive me?

I wasn't there to hold your hand.
I wasn't there to understand.
But I do now,
And I apologize.

There are tears in my eyes.
Can you see them?


  1. I really like the title you chose... and I'm curious. What did you mean in the last line?

  2. Thanks. Uh.. well... I guess because people kill themselves because they are hurting alot. And they either do it to show the people around them how much pain they were in or they just want to end it. Either way they aren't showing consideration for what they then put their friends and family through. I think it was just to show that it hurts everyone you knew if you end your life. Kinda like, "Can you see how this is affecting me?" I guess... I dunno. Does that make any sense?

  3. yeh, it does. I was just wondering if it was a literal, "Are you up there somewhere, and can you see me?" sort of thing; if it was a question of where they were spending eternity. I was just wondering why the author asked the question.