Monday, May 24, 2010

My Paper Heart

My heart is made of paper,
Easily swayed by the wind,
And just as easily torn.
I didn't decorate it with lace,
Or cut out pretty shapes,
It stands alone and unadorned.
My heart is made of paper,
Fragile and thin.
So I built up walls around it,
I wouldn't let anyone in,
And yet for you,
Those walls came unglued.
My heart is made of paper,
It shredded easily,
After foolishly allowing,
You to handle it freely.
You hold my heart in shambles,
Why won't you give it back to me?


  1. Where is the like button?

  2. I agree with TJ.... love it, Katie!

  3. Katie, this is a seriously amazing piece of work. Sad, but amazing. It's interesting how tragedy is often times the best kind of muse.